iPhone’a özel Google

Google web sayfalarını iPhone dostu yapmaya başladı. Görünen o ki bu Google-iPhone Kardeşliğine güzel bir başlangıç:

I created a prototype and showed it to some fellow Googlers. After that, things started moving pretty quickly. A few weeks (and a few gallons of mint tea) later, I had an improved version which Googlers throughout the company were using on their iPhones (it works great on the iPod Touch too). Now we want to share it with everyone.

Our guiding principles were “fast” and “fluid.” We think we’ve achieved both, thanks to some AJAX magic made possible by the iPhone’s Safari browser. To try it out, just go to www.google.com on your iPhone.

Kaynak: http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2007/12/google-on-iphone-fast-and-fluid.html